Fort Lesley J. McNair ( Myer-Henderson Hall Joint Base)

fort mcnair post guide, phone directory

Fort Lesley J McNair - front sign - Washington DC. Photo: Tim Evanson.

Installation Information

ADDRESS: Command Office, 103 3rd Avenue, Fort McNair, Washington D.C. 20319-5058.

MAIN BASE INFORMATION LINE: NCR Information, C-703-545-6700. After Hour Duty at Fort McNair, C-202-685-3139.

MAIN BASE POLICE: C-202-685-3139/3742.



MAIN BASE LOCATION: Fort McNair is located at 4th and P Streets, SW, near the Waterfront/Marina. Use the 2nd Street entrance to enter the installation.

DIRECTIONS TO  MAIN GATE: Coming from Virginia (South) via the 14th Street Bridge: Take 95 North to 395 North going into Washington, DC. Go over the 14th Street bridge staying to the left. The road splits - left to route 1 and right to 395 North. Stay to the left but after the split get in the right lane. There is a right exit for Maine Avenue. At the light turn left. Stay straight on Maine Avenue. Waterfront is on the right. Maine Avenue turns into M Street near Arena Stage which is on the left. Turn right on 4th Street (Waterfront metro/Waterside Mall/Safeway is on the left). Go through one light and continue on P Street. Turn right onto 2nd Street and the gate is on the right.

NEAREST MAJOR CITY: Washington, D.C., in southwest section of city.

NEAREST MAJOR INSTALLATION: JB Anacostia-Bolling, 3 miles south.

AREA COST OF LIVING: Higher than the U.S. national average.

MAIN BASE POPULATION: Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall supports DoD military and civilian personnel assigned to Fort Myer, Fort McNair, Henderson Hall and the Pentagon. The installation also serves a large number of military retirees.

MAIN BASE AREA POPULATION: 5.6 million in the Greater Washington D.C. area.




FITNESS CENTER PHONE NUMBERS: McNair Fitness Center, C-202-685-3117.



RACQUETBALL PHONE NUMBER: McNair Fitness Center, C-202-685-3117.

THINGS TO DO: Enjoy close proximity to all of the major Washington D.C. museums, art galleries, attractions, shopping and eateries. Nationals Park is within walking distance. 


CATERING AND RENTAL PHONE NUMBERS: Fort McNair Club Catering, C-202-484-5800.

CLUBS NAMES AND PHONE NUMBERS: Fort McNair Club, C-202-484-5800.

PLACES TO EAT: Many restaurants within a short drive.


EXCHANGE GAS PHONE NUMBER: Fort McNair Shoppette, C-202-484-5823.

EXCHANGE MAIN PHONE NUMBER: Fort McNair Shoppette, C-202-484-5823.

FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS: State Department Federal Credit Union, C-703-706-5127.

 POSTAL SERVICES: C-202-523-2144.

Medical Support

MEDICAL PHONE NUMBERS CIV/DSN/FAX: C-202-685-3100, Fax C-202-685-2766 serving active duty and activated Reserve/National Guard only. C-202-685-3092.

Personnel Support

LEGAL SERVICES JAG PHONE NUMBERS CIV/DSN/FAX: Soldier Services located at Fort Myer, VA C-703-696-0761, Command Services at Ft McNair C-202-685-3035.

PAO PHONE NUMBER: JBHH, C-703-696-2976.

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